We have successfully counseled hundreds of investors, businesses and individuals in Connecticut and New York.

Tax Certiorari Claims:

Types of Residential Property Tax Appeals:

  • Single family homes and multifamily homes
  • Multi-family

Types of Commercial Property Tax Appeals:

  • Medical Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Recreational Buildings
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Land and subdivisions
  • Commercial Property

Serving New York and Connecticut. Our main office is located in White Plains, New York and is centrally located in the metropolitan New York area. We have successfully counseled hundreds of investors, businesses and individuals in Connecticut and New York.

The firm’s principal, Robert Grossman, is an experienced attorney that has successfully completed commercial and residential real property tax appeals in the metropolitan New York region. His background includes real estate finance and development projects. After obtaining his MBA from Columbia University, he worked for a real estate company in acquisitions, development and finance. In conjunction with his M.B.A., he later obtained his law degree while working in New York City. He has experience in the areas of real estate transactions, conversions, development, ground leases, land use, and real property tax appeals. From his thirty years real estate experience, he possesses in-depth knowledge of commercial and residential property valuation. The firm counsels clients using its expertise in all types of property tax appeals from single-family homes to medical buildings, subdivisions, recreational facilities and other commercial properties. For each real property claim we conduct an in-depth interview with clients to assess the various improvements. Additionally, we conduct an inspection of the premises, review of all relevant financial information: permits, building finishes, surveys, and market statistics including comparable sales analysis.

Question to Consider?

When may I contest my property taxes?
What are the benefits to employing a tax representative?
Should I hire an attorney to conduct the property tax appeal?
How often can I file a tax certiorari claim?
How many factors does the municipality review in the valuation?
What issues do I face for improvements that have not been permitted?
Are there special exemptions for senior citizens and veterans?
Must I permit the municipality into my property?

For Commercial Property:

Each commercial property tax appeal has its unique set of factors that determine the range of legal services for the property tax assessment challenge. Whether your property classification has increased or decreased in market demand relative to other property classifications, or whether the use may be readily altered are factors in the valuation. The type of property, the magnitude of the difference between the assessed value and the fair market value, the market demand and/or obsolescence for the property classification and the improvement history will impact the scope of services necessary.

For Residential Property:

We will conduct a review of your property and market comparables based upon similar size, style and condition properties in your area. The property tax valuation in each community has been affected has been affected by economic trends and subsequent recovery. Through the present, some communities have recovered well, with large new construction taking the lead, while other communities are still depressed from that time period. We have served hundreds of residential clients throughout New York and Connecticut and conduct an in depth and confidential review of your property tax assessment. If you purchased your property at the height of the real estate market or “over-improved” larger estates and new construction, your assessment is most likely excessive.

Based upon the foregoing, as well as staying informed of current court cases involving property tax appeals, we prepare a thorough property valuation analysis that is the basis for successfully resolving your property tax appeal.


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